Is it possible to link more than one noun together?


Yes. Nouns can be linked together to make compound nouns. If the nouns are very closely linked, this can be shown by adding a hyphen between them:
i.i Commonly Linked:
A new, strongly linked compound noun e.g. the control system
i.ii Strongly Linked:
A new, strongly linked compound noun e.g. spring-damper
Note: a spring is a noun and a damper is a noun: they are located together here to show that both elements create a new, compound object.


Hyphens can also join adjectives, where there are two of the same type in a row:
e.g. low-amplitude (compound adjective), thermo-acoustic (compound adjective) energy (noun)
Note that whilst amplitude, for example, can be used as a noun, in this context, it is being used as an djective. In each pair, the two adjectives or classifiers are strongly linked, giving pairs of single concept adjectives or classifiers, hence the hyphen to show that there are two pairs of adjectives not four, solo adjectives.