Mechanics of Grammar

a systems engineering tool

part of the mog tree system of language learning

Welcome to Mechanics of Grammar or MOG. This tool is designed specifically to be used by HDR Engineers. It derives from research at the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Adelaide, into accelerating language skills for this specific group of learners. It is part of the MOG TREE tri-partite solution to the need for accelerated language skills.

This tool uses a broadly Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) approach, which means that it looks at language in context wherever possible. It focuses on exposition, as that is the key genre (or text type) used in theses, journal writing and other academic forms of writing for higher degree by research (HDR) Engineers. It also includes traditional names of parts of speech (Traditional Grammar - TG), however, as some students are more familiar with this nomenclature.

Before you use this tool, you are likely to have planned your writing, your title and your paragraphs using the Language Trees and have checked basic repetitive errors such as prepositions and collocations (which words normally go with which others) using the Mechanical Engineering Concordance in AntConc. (See for the software and insert a corpus of your choice if you are from another institution or contact Alison-Jane for further advice.) If you want to check the details of grammar to increase your writing accuracy even further, this is your next prompt in the tri-partite language solution package. You will also find an additional workbook, which enables you to check your learning on prepared sentences at the end of this App.

Finally, this SE tool has been created as part of a research thesis. If you have any comments, advice or questions, please complete the e-contact form at the end of the tool.